I am a straightforward person. I like to be happy, challenged, and have a purpose. A native of Miami, I thrive in environments where diverse perspectives and skill-sets are valued. Educated at Florida A&M University, where I earned a B.S. in physics, I am a firm supporter of historically black colleges and universities as an irreplaceable aspect of the Black American experience. In 2017, I became the first black woman to earn a PhD in nuclear engineering from MIT. My dissertation focused on the development of radiation detectors for future nuclear arms control treaties. 

I am currently living in Washington, D.C. where I work on nuclear weapons modernization issues. When I am not thinking about nukes, I am likely on the hunt in local DC thrift stores, kicking my own butt at the gym **shout out to Nike Training Club**, or binge watching the latest series on Netflix with my best friend and husband Reggie Snowden.

My journey in STEM has been featured in CNBC, Essence Magazine, BET and MARVEL's The Unstoppable Wasp Comic #6. You can find a selection of my work and interests throughout my site. Enjoy!


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Album in rotation - Rapsody  Laila's Wisdom

Album in rotation - Rapsody Laila's Wisdom

Barracoon  by zora neale hurston

Barracoon by zora neale hurston